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Gold standard design for dementia care

Grassy Meadow Court : Hillingdon

A well-designed living space can boost mood and mental agility for everyone – and for people with dementia, the difference is crucial.

We were the first to achieve a Stirling Gold standard rating in designing for dementia care for our work on the Lakes Care Centre in South Cerney – and we’ve repeated the achievement with our FF&E and interior design plans for Grassy Meadow Court in the capital.

Striving to meet the exacting standards of the London Borough of Hillingdon as well as those set for the award by Stirling University, we created plans for a warm and welcoming home that offers vital cues to daily living for dementia patients, easing symptoms and offering respite through careful attention to detail.

Six months after opening, the 88 rooms were inhabited, our lead designer was able to see the true impact of the team’s work, and a visiting Stirling auditor awarded Grassy Meadow the highest accolade.

Our design team worked closely with the University, who developed the robust design standards for care organisations, to carefully ensure lighting, colour contrast, orientation, signage and storage were all optimised for the home’s inhabitants. Grassy Meadow Court offers patients the independence of their own apartment alongside attentive care and carefully designed communal facilities.

The team created a warm, welcoming and consistent interior, beginning with a double-height entrance way designed to complement the architecture, with bespoke shelves for a homely display.

Facilities include a professional-standard salon offering a relaxing, calming environment for both men and women, while over in the apartments, kitchens are designed to maximise independence through clear display of groceries and white goods, and through intuitive features such as a simple-to-use hob. Carefully planned contrasts between colour and texture offer important visual aids, helping to distinguish furniture, fittings, surfaces and edges.

Clear lines of sight throughout the interior design ensure help is always on hand, in a setting designed to enable both care and independence.