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Crafting a new space to care

The Lakes Care Centre : South Cerney

We''re the UK''s first interior architectural practice to produce Gold-ready accreditation* for dementia design in BIM Level 2.
Collaborating with Stepnell Construction, we created a virtual care home interior by treating it like a real project â€" defining adjacencies, planning space usage and proposing fixings, furniture, and equipment. We also produced look and feel mood boards, and 360-degree walk-throughs so that prospective clients could see and feel the spaces. The scheme helped us win a contract for South Cerney Dementia Care Home.

Being able to use interactive, computer-generated imaging to illustrate the interior of the building to potential users is a significant factor in improving the efficiency of the design process, including approval and sign off.
*Stirling University developed a set of design standards for care organisations that aspire to be the best in class for dementia sufferers. Only care homes that meet and exceed these standards can be awarded Stirling University''s Gold-ready accreditation for dementia design.