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Plug and play services

You can partner with us at any stage of a project, wherever you are in the world. The modularity of what we do means you can plug in a wide range of services at any stage.

A range of services developed in a modular structure for a good reason. It means you can introduce them at any stage of your project. You can employ the right services, people and technical know-how at any time.

The bid


1. Interior design

2. Space planning

3. Visualisations

4. Cost management

5. Samples

6. Engagement

Our Contribution


You will not lose a bid based on our contribution. That is our commitment to you.


We''ll help you stand out from your competition with our tech and engagement services.


We''ll make your life easier with our service commitment and completion skills.


We''ll manage your costs so that our even our guaranteed fees have an inbuilt payback.


Brilliant people. Space Zero employs brilliant, creative, vibrant and agile experts.


Innovative Workflow. We challenge, re design and re develop our processes to continually improve.


Intelligent Design. Understanding the brief and out client vision means we always deliver.


Emerging technology. We continually strive to employ the latest technology and techniques.