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Flexible space with a traditional ethos

St Ambrose College : Hale Barns

St Ambrose College boasts an enviable central space providing easy access to teaching areas, dispensing with the need for internal corridors. We designed bespoke furniture into the upper levels of the space, allowing staff areas, library and ICT facilities to overlook the atrium.
To give teachers the best possible space in which to teach, each subject cluster was given its own signature through colour and use of furniture, while an open-plan teaching environment was built with collapsible folding walls.

Drawing on the latest technologies, flexible teaching solutions empowered teachers to adapt their space for different group sizes. For example, the integration of Navis flexible STEM system (an automated drop-down system) allows functionalities to be switched in a matter of minutes, changing science lessons from wet to dry. We also developed a table design system that provided options for learning individually, in pairs, groups, or large classes.