2019: mindful, meaningful, millennial-friendly design

What do we know about the young? They like avocados. They can’t buy houses. They’re constantly online and they’re anxious about the future – or so the headlines of 2018 would have it. But how will this liberal, resourceful and community-minded bunch shape the world? And how do we design for them? Read More

Why we must insist on well-designed classrooms

School. What do you remember about yours? Echoing hallways, metro tiles in the bathrooms, colourful murals or hopscotch on the flagstones of the yard? Perhaps… Read More

Natural Resilience: Interiors in 2019

Earthy walls, tonal metallics, niche houseplants and velvet on everything – the interiors of 2018 have offered so many contrasting tones and textures Read More

Specialist Insight: The changing face of SEND

Back flips off the table. Constant movement. Talented and smiling but equally prone to tantrums and averse to hugging Read More

Are Universities ready for the WeWork campus?

Autumn’s on its way, and students across the country are recovering from the highs and lows of results day, packing their bags and preparing for the adventures of university life, which for previous generations entailed a broad mix of parties, Proust and lashings of baked beans. Read More

Activity-based working – so easy a child can do it

The last quarter century has seen a slow evolution away from desk-based work. Read More

Designing with nature: Why Biophilic Design?

Cacti. All of a sudden, they’re everywhere – interrupting breakfast on cafe tables, crowding out books in teenage bedrooms, poised in terrariums on office desks. Have we all gone succulent mad? Read More

Should employees have control over their workspace?

"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.” Robert Frost Read More