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Your Preferred Partner

Our Vision: Your Preferred Partner

An unwavering desire to always exceed our Customers, People and Provider’s expectations. A commitment to make any journey with us pleasurable, memorable and rewarding. To be our industries thought leaders, inventors, pioneers and disrupters.


We create spaces where ideas are hatched, plans are formed, skills are learnt and hands are held. Challenging, entrepreneurial and highly imaginative, we push our clients’ visions to create spaces that are exciting, intelligent and memorable. We make space for dreams.

If all the world’s a stage, then how do we get the best performance from our players?
At Space Zero, we think it’s about creating the perfect environment.

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We create space that helps workers thrive, students achieve, and patients relax. We offer the design skills, technology and experience to deliver an outstanding performance, whatever
the environment you need to create.


Listening to your needs, we’ll work to realise your vision by applying emergent technology and design thinking to develop spaces that are truly innovative.

After all, what’s a stage – if not a space for the imagination

  • Friendly, approachable, fair and great to work with.
  • Experts in designing spaces.
  • Early cost certainty.
  • 100% record of delivering on time and in budget.
  • Application of BIM Level 2 delivering time & cost savings.
  • Supplier agnostic, securing the best value FF&E package.
  • Specialisms from Legacy Audits to Technical Installation.
  • Constantly striving to innovate and improve.
  • We win in Partnership and Collaboration.
  • We are triple ISO accredited.

Space. What does it mean to you? To us, it’s everything, and that’s why we work so hard to explore it, expand it, exploit
it – and explode its potential.


What materials? How will the air flow? And what will be hit by the afternoon sun? Can we work in harmony with the environment, can we bring it in on a budget, and can we make it even more beautiful?


A journey with Space Zero is a quest for answers.


As specialists in the design, procurement and project management of environments, we are perfectly placed to find them with you. You can be confident that you have one of the world’s best firms with you, every step of the way, from consultation through to modelling, design, visualisation, procurement and specification.


Exploring and adopting cutting edge technology, our work will exceed your expectation, deliver your goals, and anticipate your future needs.